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About me


Welcome to my playground.

I am a software developer which is developing applications(mostly web) and maintain. In here, you can contact me, hire me or just stalk my profile(no problem if you are not my ex-girlfriend).

I usually use Java language on my projects. To be honest i hate language fanboys and i dont want to be fanboy too but java is amazing language as well 🐱

Anyway, please quick look at my projects page, you maybe be interest my applications and who knows maybe we can develop together.

If you are developing Java applications and need help to catch deadline then hire me!

I can help you;

  • Spring & Spring Boot based Java projects,
  • Angular Projects
  • SQL Query optimization
  • Relationships between entities and database
  • Improving UI with third-party libraries such as Bootstrap, TailwindCSS
  • Increasing mobile compatible and reduce inconsistency between browsers


Here you are ! Someone interested in my completed or ongoing projects. I am trying to create useful things. (terminal based apps,automated scripts etc.)

In here, you can see some of them and reading code or docs, it's up to you !

Do you want to see more ? Visit my github profile...



Time to learn and improve your language abilities. This dictionary-api created for lemon app. Used Java,Spring Boot,MySQL,Redis,Docker and Swagger2. Each library or framework saved my life.

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SRT Convertor


In this project i converted over 1 million movie subtitles from SRT to JSON format. Easy to use, just download the jar file and import to your exists project. There are simple examples in doc.

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Always I wondering what can i do with Javascript. I created single web page that generate passwords different formats and attributes. Enjoy it!

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I hate duplicate files that i downloaded twice times. Many times i run into this problem and decided to write terminal based app, i called it find-duplicate! Code is working, also i improve my give-name-rules-to-my-projects.

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If you are new about Virtual Private Servers and wants to test open-ports, this is for you! Read the docs and install your local/server machine and test it !

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This is a database that contains 200,000 english words and half million turkish words. Categorized by words and matched. And also ready to use an web service created by Spring Boot application with docker.

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Java based back-end and Angular based front-end. I prefer to use distrubuted architecture. Integrate OAuth2, improved security layers, used service discovery, sub-modules for sub domains, try to develop deployment kits and learning dockers.

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I write some articles to share with my (fresh) colleagues in my spare time. But most of them written by Turkish language.

Redis cache nasıl kullanılır ?

Java Spring Boot Redis

Spring boot projelerinde cache işleminin nasıl yapıldığını adım adım öğrenin.

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Go ile terminal kodu yazmak

Go CLI Cobra

Bu yazımda temel Go bilgisiyle terminal tabanlı ufak uygulamaların nasıl çıkarılacağını gösterdim.

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Github Education Package ve avantajları

AWS Github

Bu yazımda github education package ile domain, hosting, ücretsiz web hizmetleri gibi alanlardan nasıl faydalanabileceğinizi anlattım.

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Angular projelerine çoklu dil desteği ekleme

Angular i18n

Bu yazımda Angular ile geliştirilen projelere nasıl birden fazla dil özelliğini ekleyebileceğimizi anlattım.

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Spring Data JPA ve İlişkileri

Spring Boot Spring Data JPA

Bu yazımda one-to-one, one-to-many gibi benzer ilişkileri anlattım.

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Python ile Web Scrapping

Python Beautiful Soup

Python dilinde Beautiful Soup kütüphanesinden faydalanarak nasıl veri kazdığımızı anlattım.

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Amazon Relational Database Servisi


Amazon Relational Database Servisini kullanarak nasıl ilişkisel bir database oluşturacağınızı ve MySQL workbench ile nasıl bağlanacağınızı anlattım.

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You finally decided to contact with me! I am really happy to meet new people and develop something.

Just write your contact information and press the send button or send me mail directly.